Whether you’re designing a logo or typing out a document, there are a set of universal fonts that you should simply not use. Period. Keep reading if you want to know the “forbidden fonts”, and find out some awesome alternatives.



1. Comic Sans: A font that looks like a child’s handwriting portrays immaturity in whatever product/service uses it. If you want to look professional–it’s simple: Do not use Comic Sans. • Similar Handwritten Fonts: Kristin ITC, Bradley Hand, Marker Felt • Good Substitutes: SF Arch Rival, Action Man, Oak & Ash

2. Papyrus: You’ve probably seen this font in movie posters (Avatar) and 8th grade PowerPoints. The purpose of Papyrus was legitimate. It was meant to replicate an old style, almost biblical feeling. But now with the array of fonts we have today, Papyrus just misses the mark • Good Substitutes: Beata LP, Mariposa Sans and Palatino Sans Informal

3. Brush Script: This font is used on sides of boats and cars, for business signs, and on restaurant menus, especially small-town burger joints. Created in 1942, Brush Script used to be the font of choice in the 50s and 60s, and should have stayed there. • Good Substitutes: Monday Regular

4. Impact: Now out of all these fonts, impact is one that I don’t feel 110% disgusted when I see it being used. It’s bold and chunky, which has its time and place in the design world. • Good Substitutes: Bebas Neue, Sequel Pro


5. Bleeding Cowboys: The only problem with this font is that it has become too popular for its readability. Secondly, pre-executed fonts with a “grunge” texture will start to look similar, because the texture for certain characters is all the same. But y’all, there IS a solution! If you want a badass, textured font, use this tutorial from one of my favorite bloggers, Chris Spooner: • http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/tutorials/create-an-aged-vintage-style-logo-design-in-illustrator • Good Substitutes: Restless Youth Script, Cedarville Cursive

Now that you know the Forbidden Fonts, you can go forth, designing like a true professional and creative aficionado.