If you’re like me (awesome, cool, fairly intelligent, embarrassingly great at Reba karaoke), then you know that finding an agenda with all of the assets you need can be difficult.

When searching through Creative Market, TJ Maxx, or Target—there are so many agendas that are missing the elements I want. For example:

a.    It has most of elements I want, but it looks weird on the outside. Or dumb. Says like “Love Life” on the outside. Pass.

b.    It’s missing a work section and/or personal section. I have a life that includes both. C’mon, guys.

c.     Where’s the to-do list?! I don’t want 8 downloads from random resources that all look different because an agenda maker can’t get their s&*t together.

d.     What about my daily reminder to drink more water? Or the area for evening plans? Or even exercise plans (lol)?

 It seemed at the time of my search like there wasn’t a single agenda or daily planner that had all of the above. So, I do what all creative folks do. I bitched about it to coworkers and decided “I’ll make my own damn planner.”

And that’s exactly what I did. All you have to do it buy a sweet binder (literally find these anywhere office supplies are sold), print out the agenda, hole punch them, and bam! It is ready to be filled in. Granted, it might not cover everything on God’s green Earth you have to do in a day but it works for me and I’m hoping it’ll work for some of you cool kids out there.