10 Secrete Weapons for Staying Productive

Confession: I am a productivity tool junkie. I love testing any and every application that exists to help my workflow, save me time, and improve team collaboration.

In the online world, there are countless ways to track, test, project, and improve processes, projects, and day to day tasks. I’ve gathered my top 10 productivity tools, and today I’m letting you in on how to implement them for yourself and how they can be game-changers in your workflow too.

1.    Slack

Slack is a rather well-known instant communication platform that works well for constant work and productivity chat. Avoid lengthy emails and gather quick responses through slack. Communication is key to our team’s overall success, and we don’t know where we’d be without it! (Probably wasting time trying to find that one email you were cc’d on 5 weeks ago).

2.    Asana

Asana is another application that is integral to tracking team progress. We also have implemented Asana to communicate on projects with clients. Asana is basically the ultimate post-it note, but we love that we can monitor the success and movement of a project all in one place. Always know the status of a project in an instant through Asana!

3.    Google Drive

Google Drive is the most efficient way for our team to store and share files in one collective place. Where’s that document your co-worker made last month? Google Drive. Previously written blog posts? In Google Drive. Everyone on the team’s birth date? Yep, Google Drive. We love the ability to share 1 folder with others and from there create subfolders within that main folder. Keeping things organized makes life easy, and Google Drive makes organizing so simple.

Side note: We love Google a lot and heavily utilize Google Calendar as well to schedule meetings, conference calls, and team get-togethers. Extremely user-friendly and ultimately a convenient tool that we highly recommend for keeping a team on the same page and on time!

4.    Tailwind

If you are someone who is in charge of running social media, specifically Pinterest, Tailwind will be a lifesaver for you. Easily schedule out a large amount of pins at once, and Tailwind will post these at the best times based on when a pin is most likely to get engagement. Another great thing about Tailwind is you can reschedule content that has already been pinned in order to regenerate awareness and engagement. This app is such a time-saver for me.

5.    Later

Automation with social media is extremely helpful if you have already laid out a social media strategy. Later helps you intuitively schedule Instagram posts at most favorable times for optimized follower interaction. Analyze a post’s engagement and more through the Later application and easily streamline posts all in one place.

6.    Hootsuite

Hootsuite is yet another scheduler tool that increases automation and efficiency for social media. This tool is a favorite for Facebook posting and ultimately allows scheduling out posts in advance. This is a tool most people involved in social media are familiar with, but it definitely is a tool that helps me be more productive every week when scheduling social media posts.

7.    Zoom

Easily schedule voice or video calls with Zoom to have more interaction with your team or even clients. This tool allows for multiple participants on a call and also allows screen sharing as well. Our team utilizes this tool often, and it helps us move projects along easily.

8.    Grammarly

Do you write often? Lengthy email, blog posts, or even proposals? Grammarly is your best friend when it comes to checking spelling and grammatical errors in your writing. This tool checks writing for plagiarism as it proofreads your writing, and even checks over 250 grammar rules. As you can see, this tool easily allows for automated proofreading and help with writing. A definite win in my book.

9.    Adespresso

Adespresso is the holy grail of Facebook Ad optimization. Split testing, variants, custom audiences, improved analytics, and so much more are available through Adespresso. We can’t believe how much Adespresso has helped us improve our work with Facebook Ads and how much time it saves us. If you’re into Facebook Ads, you need to look into Adespresso.

10.    Typeform

Typeform is another great tool that increases workflow by getting answers fast. Collect and share information easily through quizzes and surveys (and so much more!) in a personable and memorable way. We love the interface of Typeform, but what we love even more is the ability to have conversations and analyze that data easily.

Implementing these tools have dramatically influenced the way I work (for the better!), helps me stay productive, saves me time, and helps me efficiently communicate. You and your business can always use tools or systems to make life easier, no matter the size of your team. Let us know in the comments below what tools save you the most time and keep you productive on the reg!